Oxycodone 15mg


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Origin: USA-USA.
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Formula: C18H21NO4
Brand Names: Oxycontin
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Oxycodone 15mg: 150mg like painkiller

We all know about the products of Oxycodone. They are known to be the best. It is because they give you pain relief as soon as possible. But among all of them, you need to choose the right dosage for you. What can be the right dosage? The right dosage is none but 15mg. It gives you a power like 150mg. After having it you are going to get relief very soon. Also known as another name for faster relief. So you can purchase Oxycodone 15mg.

What is Oxycodone 15mg?

An opioid that directly reacts inside your brain. All it does is to get inside your brain and make sure that you get rid. Get rid of your pain as soon as possible. Although it is a generic medicine and under this, you are going to get many brands. People are happy and fine after consuming the medicine. They also recommended the medicine to other people as well. Purchase an Oxycodone 15mg tablet right now. It is light green in colour.


Colour is light green.
Imprint is M 15.
Formula is C18H21NO4.
Available in a packet.
Originates from the United States.
Shipping charge is not there.


Relieves you within just a few minutes.
Taste of the tablet is neither bitter nor sweet.
Does not produce any such bad effects.
Can expire after 3 to 4 years.
Has a great and bigger market value.


Does not interact with the other medicines.
Also becomes a substance of abuse.
Not meant for a woman who is pregnant.
People often depend on it.

Tips to consider before consuming an Oxycodone 15mg

At a time you should only have one tablet.
You should never crush and snort it.
Be aware of the side effects.
Make sure to have it in the daytime.
Never consume it for cough and viral fever.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is Oxycodone 15mg better than the other painkillers?

Yes, Oxycodone 15mg is far better than the other painkillers. It gives you a power like 150mg. And for which it is famous.

2. Are both Oxycontin and Oxycodone the same?

No, both are not the same. Oxycodone is the generic form. On the other hand, Oxycontin is known to be a famous brand.

3. Is it a stimulant?

No, it is not a stimulant but an opioid. An opioid that easily gives you a solution. And it is also not harmful unless and until you misuse it.

4. Did the FDA ban it recently?

No, there is no questioning of banning it. You may get it at a higher price. And the medicine is also known to be alright when it comes to relieving you from pain.


15mg of Oxycodone is a boon for you. After consuming the medicine you will surely get rid of your pain. And it is not going to cause you any sort of trouble. We at least want you to try it and see the speciality. It is not only special but also the best.


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